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The Benefits of Exercising With Your Dog

The Benefits of Exercising With Your Dog
  • 17 April 2021
  • jeremyjohnson

Spring is on the way, and with that is better weather to get outside and enjoy some exercise. Don’t let your dog inside though, bring them with you and see the benefits for both you and your best furry friend. 

 Brisk walking is an ideal exercise for humans and hounds. The benefits include a healthier heart, lower blood pressure, more energy, denser bones, and a lower risk of depression. In dogs, regular walks can also reduce common behavior problems. There’s no set rule for how far or how long a dog should walk. Just work slowly toward a goal and gradually increase your speed and how far you walk.

Not all dogs are built to jog. Greyhounds, for example, are pros at short-distance sprinting but can get tired during long-distance runs. Wait until your pup is fully grown, and then gradually build up to a 30-minute excursion. This should include five minutes of warm-up, 20 minutes of jogging, and five minutes of cooldown. Remember that dogs can’t sweat, so avoid the hot times of the day and stop if they need to cool down or get some water. 

Swimming is an all-in-one workout that is especially beneficial for people or dogs with arthritis. Because it’s a low-impact sport, swimming is comfortable on the joints. But that doesn’t mean it’s a wimpy workout. Swimming works for various muscle groups, improves endurance and strengthens the heart and lungs. Not all dogs enjoy swimming, so start slowly. If your dog doesn’t get used to the water, don’t force them. There are always other activities to help build strength and keep your dog healthy. If you get bored with simple walks – go on a hike, play frisbee at the park, or simply entertain them with their favorite toy. Ultimately, keeping your dog healthy doesn’t have to be a lot of work, and can actually be a lot of fun for both of you.