Why Cats Love to Perch

  • 4 July 2018
  • Pet Wants

If you have a cat in your home, you’ve probably seen it perching. Cats love to perch for a number of reasons:

1. Survey the Surroundings

When a cat is able to perch in a higher position, it’s much easier to see everything that’s around. This gives a cat a sense of confidence. Being in this position also makes it easier for a cat to do things like prep for a potential attack or assess someone that’s coming towards her.

2. Show Off

When there are multiple cats in a household, perching can be a way for the leader of the group to show her status. It’s quite common for bickering between two cats to end with the leader making it clear who’s in charge by perching in the highest possible position.

3. Avoid Ambush

Even if a cat spends all his time inside, he may still be driven by instincts that stem from an outdoor environment. By putting imself in a position where his back is to a wall instead of an open space, he doesn’t have to worry about being caught off guard.

4. Relaxing

Plenty of cats share their household with younger children or other animals. While cats can enjoy spending time interacting with everyone in the house, there are times when a cat needs space and wants to relax. Perching in a high position that’s above everyone else can be exactly what a cat needs to chill out.

5. Routine

Perching may simply be part of a cat’s routine and may stem directly from her familiarity with scent. In most areas of a home where everyone sits or simply spends time, the scent a cat picks up will be a mix of everyone. But in elevated areas that only a cat can reach, it can enjoy having only its own scent.

Seeking warmth or wanting to play are other examples of why a cat may perch. All the positive experiences a cat can have from perching are why many pet owners create elevated spaces like cat trees or other perches for their cats. Giving your cat a spot of its own will make your pet happy!