About Us

Nutrition for the Life of your Pet

We’re Jeremy and Emily Johnson, owners of Pet Wants Lowcountry. Before we found Pet Wants, we struggled to find something our boxer/beagle mix would eat. Clio was a seriously picky eater and, no matter what we tried, there were days when she just wouldn’t eat unless we added green beans or wet food to her kibble. Until we found Pet Wants. We did the Pet Wants challenge and got a sample of the food to mix in with her old food. We stood there, shocked, as she rooted through her bowl and picked out the Pet Wants food. That’s when we knew Pet Wants was something special. Now she and our shepherd mix, Banzai, drool when we start to fill their bowls.

We’ve been married for 20 years and we moved to Charleston in 2015. Emily is a pediatrician and Jeremy built his career in wine sales. We both enjoy being a bigger part of this community through Pet Wants.

For us, Pet Wants is really about quality products, getting more involved in the community, talking to people about pet food, and building relationships with our customers. We want to get to know our customers and their pets so we can make sure we’re recommending the best products for their individual needs.

Pet Wants has a personal touch you can’t find anywhere else, especially in the pet food industry.