Prevent & Treat Dry Skin

Prevent & Treat Dry Skin
  • 9 October 2021
  • jeremyjohnson

When the weather changes or even when the conditions within a pet’s indoor environment change, dry skin can strike. Just like people, dogs and cats can suffer allergies from a number of different factors in their environment which can lead to dry skin.  Similarly, all those baths you think are helping your dog stay in top condition might have the opposite effect. Excessive bathing can also lead to dry skin, especially when the shampoo is not followed by a moisturizer. 

If there are no underlying causes requiring further treatment, follow a healthy, vet-advised protocol to keep your pet’s skin soft and decrease dry skin. First, make sure the shampoo is gentle and moisturizing (human shampoo is at the wrong pH); then follow up with a conditioner. 

Consider supplementing your pet’s diet with products like fish oil and probiotics to improve the coat and skin condition. Mixing some canned food with their regular dry meal while and supplying abundant fresh water will also increase your pet’s hydration intake and add moisture to their skin. We offer a variety of nutritious food at Pet Wants that could help with your pet’s diet and prevent dry skin.  

Beyond that, make sure you’re keeping up your flea-prevention treatments all year long. This is a standard veterinary recommendation, even if you rarely see a flea. That’s because as soon as a flea jumps on and bites your pet, the saliva is allergenic enough to cause itching and scratching, which creates a vicious cycle of inflammation and infection.